The Hybrid Style

We are all living online now. Everything we are, books we read, perspective we think in, and sense of aesthetic surrounds us are rooted in elsewhere. And when it comes to fashion, more precisely style is defined by bloggers and Instagram celebrities. One of the most popular online influencer is half Kuwaiti half American, Ascia Al Faraj, or as we know her Asci Akf.

In fact, Acsia has dived into internet fame. In 2002 she saluted us with her blog, “The Hybrids” as a presenter of a new lifestyle. Well, she wasn’t alone, her hybrid husband Ahmed and their son Adam have captivated by the wind of internet.

Ascia is generally known with her fancy sportswear and now has her own brand. Additionally she prepares capsule collections for several brands.

She has a wide influence area, not only Middle East as we are expect from a modest dresser but also America and Far East. She has 1.7 billion followers from all around globe and defines herself initially a hybrid, then wife of Ahmed and mother of Adam. Her profession is her blog. Hybrid is a definition for her lifestyle not genetic roots; her English is more influent than Arabic.

She likes representing her hybrid style; for instance prefers to wear a Middle Eastern designer in world center fashion weeks. Even though loose trousers and floaty tops are her generic style, her mood can alter time to time and we see her in a perfect chic dress.

Key piece of her style is no doubt hijab. Slightly African, a little bit Middle Eastern and a spoon of American. This mix is now on the streets thanks to her. Despite of the Arabic bloggers she is usually bare make-up and not intimidated to show that. Even, she seems to enjoy it, as if proof of real beauty. Last year she posted a make-up free picture and wrote about how she wants to have a Botox, nose and lip job adding “I am one to accuse for that perception of perfection.”

She pours out her troubles in tears on Snapchat and writes about maternal memories or her love for husband. May be this intimate and sincere attitude makes her a successful and influencing blogger.


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