The Last Representative of the Elegance, Nostalgia and Romance: Lace

The lace is the always accepted as the elegance style and I think it is the irreplaceable element of the timeless style which is about be at the honor guest of our wardrobe with a totally new look in the new season. The lace turns even the most regular outfit into a feminine piece with elegant, romantic and chic touch which is the most trendy fabric of the new season. Of course we can’t talk about the windy trends of the fashion when it comes to lace as it proved the solid place through fashion history which is used in various forms from interior decoration to garment, to shoes, accessories and bags. It is the favorite detail to be used in various areas. The lace details that makes every outfit attractive is about live the golden era in 2018-2019 season and will continue to be the favorite fabric of every designer.

son yıllarda ev dekorasyonundan, giyim-kuşama, aksesuardan, ayakkabıya kadar birçok alanda kullanılarak klasikliğin ötesinde vazgeçilemez bir detay olmayı başarıyor. Giysiler üzerindeki çekiciliği de yadsınamayacak kadar güzel olan dantel detaylar, 2018 ilkbahar – yaz sezonunda da altın çağını yaşayarak, moda dünyasındaki etkisini sürdürmeye devam edecek!..


History of the lace reaches to 2500 B.C., until the pharaoh of the Egypt 

                                                                        The Beautiful Laces of the Past

If we have put it the most clear way, the threads of the cotton are processed in a certain way since 2500 B.C. The most solid evidence to prove that is historical foundlings of handmade lace works in ancient Egypt. Later, around the 16th century the lace turned into the most valuable commerce product and around 17th century it began to be used as status symbol. At that era the lace passion so increased that only upper class had the privilege of using the lace and the profusion of the lace that used in clothes was directly proportionate to the status of whoever wears. However, after the industrial revolution the lace became easily approachable for the public and afterwards it became widespread around commons. Yet, despite the time the lace hasn’t lost any of its value in the fashion world and contributes every dress it is used in with elegance, delicacy as a romantic itself.


You might be thinking about night gowns or wedding dresses about lace but despite what you think, lace is the best candidate to point out your romantic way both at night and day. We see the how the popularity of the lace increased at the street fashion trends for a few seasons because it is such a functional fabric that works with every kind of style and fabric you may think of. And when it comes to fashion, besides to the dresses like blouse, t-shirt, skirt, pants and trench coats it can be used in accessories like shoes, bags, gloves just like it is the key of being elegant and chic at every form.

Despite the common mistake for wearing lace detailed clothes for only event and special occasions, thanks to the street style of the fashion weeks using it with casual style became more daily. Here are few examples; lace detailed blouse looks perfect with a maxi skirt ( ) and if you combine them with stiletto you can have an elegant look. Then again, you can match lace detailed blouse with skinny jeans and mary jane shoes, that would be perfect casual look. If you need a more energetic combination, prefer a lace detailed t-shirt, jeans and sneakers to have a active and young look. That’s all up to you!

While choosing accessories for lace detailed combinations you should definitely prefer more plane and quiet pieces. For example, if you want to use accessories, minimal ones would be perfect. Because lace is the leading actor already!


                                           Lace themed pieces


Being away from the ideal women that popular culture imposes us should never contuse our self-confidence. Remember, there are no ugly or perfect women. Just there are women who know to hide whatever disturbs her. I want to mention about how lace can be used to hide the deficiency of the body.


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