The Most Delicate Part of Your Face: Eye Contour

With the cruel face of the time shows it, with the damaging effect of the sun, the medical issues to take care emerges. The thinnest skin is on our eye contour which needs moisturizer the most. Thus the eye contour is first part to surrender aging in our face and it reveals itself at even early ages. Prof. Dr. Cigdem Unal, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist says the main cause of eye circle wrinkles is genetics and environmental factors.

The oil and moist tissue of the face reduces in time which occurs at the eye and the lip circle most. That parts of the face actually make the shape of the face in which the more oil tissue reduces older you look unfortunately. With the wrinkle formation the oil tissue gets damaged. The wrinkles are not just because of the reducing oil tissue but also sleep deprivation, water range of the body and lost of elasticity of the body is involved. We can line the most obvious actions that happen around the eyes as swelling, dangling, purple spots and thin lines.


With the passing time under-eye bags losses its elasticity and the muscles lose its strength in time which causes the under-eye bags. Of course the basic reason of the every illness, the sleep deprivation, tiredness, fatigue and stress also are reason of under eye bags. There are surgical options as liposuction of the swollen eye lids and bags and healing them. This short process is called Blefaroplsati, which means removing the eye bags. The surgery is lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. After healing time, you’ll see how the eye circles become perfect.


When the skin gets wrinkled and loose it gets darker which is called dark circles under eye. The biggest indication is sleep disorder and stress.

The clarity and healing process of the under eye circles vary from person to person. The care  products such as moisturizing creams and lotions may not help in the long term. The most efficient solution is laser treatment. As a simple but effective process, laser treatment helps patients to get rid of all their problems easily. Additionally, there are surgeries to replace oil tissues of the under eye circles. The expert and patient should decide whether laser treatment or surgery should be done. The only difference is, laser should be done for a few sessions.


The most effective and known way to erase the wrinkles that is called goosefoot is botox. The innocent way of the botox is being harmless and not spreading over the body. The rapid affect of the botox reliefs the muscles right away and helps you to have a stretched look. It is injected under the skin with small doses. The duration of the botox depends on the people but yet it is safe to claim that approximately 3 or 6 months the affect will last. To repeat it in every 4 or 6 months will help the treatment. Ice massage on the area will help to prevent swelling. The best part of it is the 10-15 minutes of duration which will help you to return daily life easily.

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