The Spot Invasion

Once Marc Jacobs said “There isn’t any wrong time for spot pattern” and this season proves him right. When the summer comes, we take the spot dresses out from closet as they are the trend of every season, just like summer 2018. The houndstooth was the pattern of the winter but for the summer the spots seem to dethrone it- from romantic blouse to accessories and retro pieces, both elegant and alternative clothes can be spotted. It is among timeless classic probably because they take us to 50’s elegance. Well, how you should deal with this spot invasion and how to combine the trend of the season best, read further…


“Puantiye deseni için yanlış zaman kavramı yoktur” demişti Marc Jacobs, ve bu sezon yine hitler arasında olan bu parça popülerliğini koruyor. Potikareyi tahtından eden puantiye, romantik bluzlardan aksesuarlara ve retro parçalara kadar gardırobumuzun şık parçalarındandır. Muhtemelen bizi 50’ler zarafetine götürdüğü için zamansız klasikler arasında yer alıyor. Peki hangi puantiyeli parçalar daha kolay kombinlenir?



When the spotted patterns were in the fashion scene first in 1960’s, their form was compatible with the trend of the time; the ladylike skirt with tight waist which was worn by the noble ladies of the era. The skirt-blouse team erased by the time-out but now the new age blouse-trouser suits are very fashionable. For 2018 summer season, you can catch the elegant and stylish spirit of the time with balloon sleeved tops while matching them any pants you like. Matching a polka-spotted top with a denim skirt or high waist trousers adds vividness to your combination rather than plane colors and styles.


When you wear a spotted outfit or put accessories with the pattern you may want to choose plane colors for other pieces. So that the polka-spots will show it and the attention won’t distributed too many pieces to make your outfit eye-tiring. A spotted scarf or shawl on a plain dress would look stylish and elegant moreover you can catch the spirit of the time.

Anusha Zubairy

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