The Summer Vibe and Pastel Colors

With the incoming spring and heating w

eather our closet is already effected by summer vibes and the pastel colors are in our lives again. Nevertheless the new seasons’ trend colors are orange, shiny yellow, fuchsia and bright blues but women know better and never abandon the pastel colors…  The spring means being mild and calm just as the weather, what can express this as pastel colors?

How to Combine Pastel Colors?

White is one of the rescuer colors of the summer which can be combined with pastel colors best. They get along with every kind of color from black to bright ones but with pastel colors it literally shines. The white-pastel engagement will get you romantic and mild combinations, isn’t it just like spring?

You can also combine pastel colors with other pastel colors and you can have an outfit for just spring.

If you want to prioritize pastels colors in your outfit and add chic look to your style you can use darker colors. Black, dark blue and dark desert tones are ideal to use with pastel colors.

Hint: If you have weight problems you can use pastel colors in small pieces instead of a whole piece or in accessories. Thus you can look thinner while pointing pastel colors out.


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