This Spring Magnetic Shawls are on the Fire!

The Tulipa Turban which closes a huge deficit in her area is about to become your must-have turban brand with practical and stylish products. We have talked with Zuhal Musaoğlu, the owner of Tulipa Turban, about her magnetic shawls, her successful career and her future plans…

Let’s get to know you Mrs. Musaoğlu, can you describe yourself?

I am graduated from Dame de Sion French Collage of Istanbul. I’m married with three kids. I had always imagined to run my own business after kids are grown up, when they began to elementary, I got educated on design and got started a business.

You have closed a huge deficit in your area with Tulipa Turban. How did you come up with the idea?

After I decided to wear hijab, I was feeling out of fashion and old with classical head scarf. Later, I used to wear silk shawls which were vogue back then but they were very long. It was just before summer, I couldn’t know how to wear such a big shawl. I used wear more casual before wearing hijab, used to wear more sportive and me and my children don’t miss any change to move but those shawls aren’t made to move. The sun was disturbing and I felt old in those. So I decided to start my own brand. Back then, my senior hijabi friends used to gift me huge orlon hair clips, needles to pin my shawl and magnets. The pins used to pierce the shawl, magnets didn’t work. Everyone knows if you don’t pin the scarf it doesn’t stay still. Long story short, I decided to design a single shawl with attached bonnet that will not be thorn with needles after the problems I experienced.


Tulipa Türban Magnet Shawl


How does the design process work? What do you inspired from most?

I have always inspired from a challenging clothes for hijabi ladies. For example a recently hijab wearing ladies are really having hard time to choose a correct hijab or similarly ladies who don’t wear hijab but have to wear one when visiting Ka’bah… They spend many hours while covering their head and the salah is hard to perform with that loose scarf. They are not like those who are used to that discipline like from early ages. Those ladies are my inspiration. What kind of design should I do to make life easier for them to wear a hijab without a mirror in five minutes? This was the idea behind Tulipa wig bonnets. They can be worn in one single move in 5 seconds and can be arranged with the lacings from back. But they look like 10 good minutes spent in front of the mirror before leaving home.



The bonnet-shawls with magnet have gained attention, can you tell us their benefit despite the common opinion?


Magnets suck the negative energy of the body where they touch the vein. There used to be magnetic bracelets even sold in health centers. There is a firm still selling but the name has changed. If you are intruded you can look into it online.

You have very stylish products for events and special nights. What do you suggest to hijabi ladies?

We exclusively produce special evening wig bonnets to complete their nigh gowns. If you wish you can wear a brooch and then combine with daily clothes afterwards. The wig bonnet looks like you’ve been to coiffeur and specially designed for hours, it looks aesthetic. Ladies would know, the Tulipa bonnet costs cheaper this way.

The Hijabi Ladies Having Hard Time at the Holidays Most. How come the idea of Bathing Hijab came? What kind of reactions you have encountered?

Just like every design, this came up from a necessity. Unfortunately ladies with hijab didn’t have chance to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet ray of the sun in summer aesthetically. The reason is being without a hat. On the Instagram account I post my contemporary designs, people can see how I dive into the sea with Mayosapka. We have got a huge demand online that shows how people needed this kind of design.

What kind of upcoming projects do you have? What should Tulipa followers expect?

All I can say is our upcoming projects will be answer for our daily needs and be first in the world again. I am working to make our daily life easier.



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