We present timeless chic with both as sport and classic combines in noverber fashion shoots. Inspire of you…

On the left

Coat, tunic, hand bag: LC Waikiki

On the right

Cardigan, tonic, beaine: Lc Waikiki

Suit, waistcoat, bag: Lc Waikiki

On the left

Coat, belt, tunic: Lc Waikiki

On the right

Coat, dress: Lc waikiki

Suit, hat, bag : Lc Waikiki

Pully, coat: Vakko

Skirt : ADL

Earring: :  Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Gloves:  Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Skirt, blouse: Exquise

Fur: Forever New

Shirt: Vakko

Gloves : Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Glasses: Difashionbranding/Carin Glasses


Suit : Miss Dalida

Bag: Difashionbranding/ Hooopthebag

Earring: Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Dress: Exquise

Bag: Difashionbranding/Hooopthebag

Gloves: Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Necklace: Gülce Dereli

Pully: Adl

Shirt: Me You Concept

Pants: Difashionbranding/Akay By Sezanur Akay

Bag: Adl

Necklace: Difashionbranding/Selin Ecer

Blouse: Adl

Pants: Touche

Dress: Me You Concept

Hair Accesories: Eli Peacock

Belt: Roman

Boots: Adl

Gloves: Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi

Earrings: Difashionbranding/Ferda Ekberi – Gülce Dereli


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