Tips to Decorate an Old Water Mansion

Old Ottoman Mansions jewels the lovely bays of Bosphorus had gain attention with interial designes thanks to Turkish TV shows like Forbidden Love (Ask-i Memnu), Nour (Gumus),       From Lips to Heart (Dudaktan Kalbe), An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali), the Wren (Calikusu), Broken Pieces (Paramparca). We enjoyed beautiful Bosporus view but astonished by the interiosrs: the elegant mergence of traditional styles and contemporary pieces were remarkable.

At the late eras of Ottoman Empire, cities elites and rulers relaxed in their waterside mansions enjoying turquoise waters of Bosporus and mild breeze. Most of the mansions were erected after Dolmabahce Palace when diplomatic relations slided that area and everyone them has a unique stories On the Anatolian shore of Bosporus most of the poets, thinkers, writers and eminent religious leaders build water mansion for their family and entourage, where fierce debates made, poems written and Ottoman chants sang. That was kind of a magical era, the elegance and tradition emerged together in high discourse of Ottoman artistic and visual style. The Bosphourus Mansions had residents from various religions, just as their architects. But, they had one thing in common, the unbreakable Ottoman high artistic expression.

Nowadays there are many Ottoman Mansions on the market. The price range can vary between 13 million to 200 million dollars. Some of them are divided and sold as flats, some has magnificent backyard as well as a little dock. Regardless to size or magnitude, the mansions need careful touch-up to bring out its present to fit with artistic style; an Ottoman Mansion should reflex its historical and aesthetic value.

Use curtains to show, not to hide

You have the space for water affinity that throughout history thousands of men died to rule. Most of the mansions build as paying regard to privacy; most of the neighbors don’t have direct sight with indoors. Be careful with over sunshine explosion; that might wither your linens and furniture. If you must, use in-window shades to expose beautiful view.


Use plain colors to hide imperfections

Some mansions are in a good shape due to maintaining but some might have imperfect parts especially in wooden parts. It is hard to keep an entirely wooden structure perfect and new all the time. To hide minor defections use plain color while painting. To more sophisticated and elegant walls to underline furniture different tones of same color is a good idea. For some uneven walls, between beams for instance a strong color might be chosen.

Celebrate stained and painted glass

In high Ottoman artistic era, stained and painted glasses were o good solution to secure the harem from outsider eyes and balance the circular areas with vertical walls. Almost every mansion has an original painted glass window. Use decoration element to underline it and let the colored sunshine into your rooms.

Use airy shelving units

In old mansions the interior units may be not even. Try to use open shelves to fill empty corners or halls, place trims and trinkets on them.

Balance the contemporary pieces with classical luxury items

Classical wooden furniture suits with structure hence, all glorious foils decoration might undermine the value of the place. Instead try basic and strong contemporary pieces with luxury ornaments and paintings.

Add marine style pieces

Keep in mind, as much as your mansion is close to city center, use the benefit of being so close to waves of the sea. Marine items like a big antique anchor will underline the sea effect. Considering the linens, tones of blues and greens obtain relaxing beach effect to your home.

Break unusual room layouts into zones

Some mansions were built again in concrete with facade siding or exterior isolation. But some are renovated loyal to original one. The rooms might be bigger than usual or rectangular, use shelves, chairs or big sculpture-like ornaments to divide space and maximum usage area.

Be careful with maintaining

Remember you will be living in an old mansion, probably from 18th century, and near the sea. Sea might have corrosive effect on woods, the groundwork needs maintain on certain basis. For interior areas be careful with molds and some other effects of the salty water. Most of the residents employ a professional to keep their waterside mansion in a good shape.


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