If we find correct outfit for our body type and choose right colors we only become “fancy”. But adopting correct accessories in our style would carry the game to the next point. They make us stylish ladies and upgrade the class of our style with completing the looks. Here are remarkable accessories of 2018.

On the contrary of outfit trend that surrendered to minimalism current, maximalist collections on accessories will be pleased those who enjoy flamboyant designs. Various forms of necklaces, huge and garish ear rings and multiple rings are leading actors of shopping lists of the season.



Legendary chokers of 90’s are on the stores again. This time they meet with oversize sweaters. Even though I don’t like them, they became popular after Kendall Jenner used them on almost everything she wears.

Statement necklaces are among favorite accessories of the season. These shiny necklaces you can use with basic shirts give stylish look by reflecting your style. Different from other seasons, this winter minimal pendant necklaces are very trendy…



Living in golden era, this season earrings are affected by minimalism winds most. Big flamboyant forms will give your plain outfits completely different looks to point out your own style.

Despite the magnitude minimalist designs on ear ring bespeak to those who enjoy simplicity. Fringed ear ring of the last season are still popular while asymmetric and mono ear rings are remarkable.



Gold-silver-imitation, large-small, austere-flamboyant … and with more alternatives, rings are among favorites this season too. Multiple rings, joint rings, the ones that looks like covering all your fingers and natural stones are very popular. You can draw affective and strong silhouette with these rings.


Various forms of wristbands are getting away from cliché forms to modern style to complete our looks. Fancy, classical or sport-cool, choose your style. There is a wristband for every style, just try.

 Seyma Yükseltan Gövdeli

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