Trendy Sunglasses of 2018

The essential piece of the fashion and the irresistible accessory to complete our combinations, sunglasses are one of the most popular items of the summer. However, may be with the global warming, we use sunglasses during the whole year as they are an important part of the eye health. I think, using the correct sunglasses is key point of being cool and chic. So, Let’s take a look at trendy sunglasses of 2018.

By the way, I’d like to mention the history of sunglasses for a while… The first community to use sunglasses is Eskimo of the Arctic. They invented an ancient form of sunglasses to protect their eyes from negative air and natural conditions like wind, snow and glaciers. They bored two holes in ribs and shaped them as sunglasses. The next “known” person who uses sun glasses is The Rome Empire “Nero”.

Of course, years after, famous Hollywood names like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe made us inured to it and everyone started to purchase one.

The Sunglasses of 2018

Almost a trend piece for every category is determined when the sunglasses trend are becoming clearer. Here are the most creative, chic, flamboyant and extraordinary pieces of 2018.

Legendary 50’s Frames are Back

As a heritage of an iconic era, we are entering 2018 with cat eye sunglasses feeling captivated by the nostalgic wind of 50’s and 60’s. Cat eye frames are going to give and ambiance to your style and have a retro silhouette. We’ve seen them with pastel tones in Badgley Mischka, Laura Biagiotti and Temperley London brochures.

When Badgley Mischka harks back to 60’s with all collection; from hair to shoes, Laura Biagiotti used cat eye sunglasses with wider frames on brown and purple tones.

Be Open Minded About 2 Colored Frames

If you are not willing to settle for only one color, try these two colored 2018 trend sunglasses. I think it takes courage to use them now but if you can pull them off, get ready to be stylish women of the 2018. Especially these Marco de Vincenzo sunglasses could be choice of flamboyant ladies with wide frames and three colors. But what you should be careful about your face, they might look funny on a small face.

Iconic John Lenon Glasses

Legendary star of The Beatles, British musician John Lenon and his sunglasses made a mark in fashion history which we’ll see more than often in 2018. One of the symbols of the hippie trend of 1960 have a cool, effortless and very stylish look.

Futuristic Frames

These fantastic frames look like they are out of science fiction. Especially the Koche one is designed inspired by the movie Matrix. These stylish glasses might be complementary element of an eccentric style but still I recommend you to think again while using them with hijab style.

Double Bridge Frames

Double bridge frames are used on sunglasses at late 60’s designs first and became a modern version of classical Ray-Ban Aviator. These are classical retro ones with traces of the future. Tommy Hilfiger, Miu Miu, Prada, Armani and Fendi have already gave place in their brochure.

Salute the Spring with Ornate Frames

Three dimensional flowers, rocks, pearls and more… The leader of this trend is of course Miu Miu and Dolce&Gabbana.

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