Try These Instead of “Three Whites”

While we salute Fall if you want to get rid of summer dropsy try these healthy alternatives instead of flour, sugar and salt.


Alternatives for Flour

The white bread seems really innocent when we are having breakfast and it is warm from bakery. Today, unfortunately processed flour doesn’t offer high quality protein and even makes our body open to new diseases.


When it comes to substitute instead of white flour, there are simple ingredients that you can even prepare some of them yourself;

Chesnutt Flour: You can use Chesnutt flour instead of white ones; especially coeliac disease patients use them. The gluten substance from wheat that makes cakes and breads fluffy doesn’t stay in Chesnutt flour.

Quinoa Flour: Being nutritious and good source for protein, quinoa flour also has all kind of amino acids.  As you can find it on big stores, you can also do it yourself. The recipe is simple; bake 2 glass of quinoa on a baking paper in oven in 100 degrees for 10 minutes. When it cools, grind it. It may have some grains, feel free to use in cookies and cakes.

Pea Flour: It’s known that consuming regularly pea and pea flour reduces cholesterol in blood and risk of paralyses and heart diseases.  Besides, Vitamin B6, A, C, K and B12 are in it on highly amount. An important reminder, thanks to dissolvable fibers in, it balances blood sugar.


Alternatives for Sugar

It is time to get rid of the most dangerous white: sugar. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say sugar feeds cancer cells and thus people are abandoning it. I have to add, brown sugar and sweetening agents are acting same in your body. Well, what are the health suggestions to use instead of sugar?

Dates: I am sure you have heard of dates sugar or dates powder. When dried dates are grinded we have a really health substitute. Dates powder is rich with fibers and ideal to get daily Vitamin B16 needs and magnesium.

Honey: Wee truly know a lot about honey and how vital for our nutritious needs. If you have to sweeten something, you can add some honey instead of white sugar to have a big step for healthy life.

This natural and miraculous antibiotic and antiseptic will boost your energy once you get used to it. I would like to add it has strong diuretically features. I also have to warn you about phonies, they sell corn syrup instead of real honey.

Cinnamon: I would like to thank this awesome sugar blood balancer that accompanies my tea and coffe for a long time. ıf you add a spoon of powdered cinnamon to your coffee or put a stick in your tea pot you will have a tasteful drink. Also try to add cinnamon on banana or apples, and thank me later…


Alternatives for Salt

We use it the most common in worldwide. Is it harmful? Actually it is not but read carefully, when you read labels on the salt package you will see lots of preservatives in it. These are harmful and they are abundant in salt. If you think human get 3 gr of daily salt need directly from salt, you are mistaken. As a basic mineral, sodium is in fruits, vegetables, milk, yoghurt and etc… So, the table salt you use in meals is only a habit. How can you reduce salt? Read for suggestions…

Rosemary and Thyme: You can and should use them on meats. They help cardiovascular wellness as reducing inflammation in the body. Also, as a natural antioxidant it is beneficial for your health in general.

Garlic: It is the fixture food of my kitchen and I use it in almost every meal I prepare. We can’t tell enough it’s benefit for your health and your body and we have to add it the best antioxidant. If we could consume enough garlic no doctor would write a subscription for antibiotics.

Sumac: If you want to prevent from cardiovascular disease and reduce salt consume I would suggest you to use sumac regularly. You can use in salads and meals.

Sennur Oztekin


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