Uludag Kayak Center is replaced near Bursa city, Uludag, and is biggest winter sports center of the country. With 2543 meters height and 40 km length, Uludag is highest mountain of the Marmara region. Despite the stupendous and rather block look Bursa side of the hills are gradual comparing to Orhaneli side.

As Uludag is very convenient with climate conditions and geographical features, it is sufficient for winter sports. The hills are available for kayaking as from November to end of February. But the busy season is between December and January. Also, as it is known with winter sports, you should consider visiting in summer for camping and trekking.

Kayak Slopes of Uludag

Ergun ski run is 800 meters long, Kusakli run is 2750 metres and have Kusaklikaya Grand chair lift. You can also ski on Belvu, Fahri Kaya and Kervansaray runs.

Accommodation alternatives of Uludag are varying. One of best ski resorts of the country is in Uludag, you can have a lovely holiday with your family and friends. The resorts are offering different kind of services on ski slopes and in hotels, you can find a room for every budget.

How to Arrive?

Ulludag Kayak Center is southwest side of Marmara Sea and relatively close to Istanbul. You can take a ferry to Bursa from Istanbul and take a bus from Bursa, or you can fly to Bursa Yenisehir airport and take a bus afterwards, it takes 40 minutes approximately. You can take cable car from Bursa, Teleferik region.


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