The knitwear is one of the oldest methods in clothing, probably discovered in early ages. The knitwear is thought to be discovered by Middle Asian Turks and Egyptians but it saluted fashion world in a dress shape around 30’s. Becoming a strong vogue in last winter, knitwear dresses will live a golden era while discrediting cardigans, jerseys and such classical pieces… Because, this winter knitwear dresses are becoming varied with several forms to suggest a refined elegance to the modest ladies…

The best pieces to rebel against old fashion mottos like “you can’t dress a dress in winter” are of course new age knitwear dresses. You won’t get cold as these dresses are arousing in natural textures like cashmere, wool and angora, on the contrary a jammy knitwear dress makes you look elegant and stylish when protecting against the cold breeze.

They are the trendiest pieces of winter 2017-18 season,

Wearing a dress comparably easier to match with other pieces, and even we can call them savior pieces. You can wear them anywhere you want to, at school, office or at an event; update the accessories and you are good to go!

There is one more thing, many ladies think of skintight, fitting and fine-textured dresses that reveal all your body line when it comes to knitwear dresses. I think, you can prefer an oversize form dress instead of trumpery tight ones, and match them with varied accessories to have more elegant look. For example, if you like to dress casually, a middle hovel dress would look perfect with cozy cotton socks and leather combat boots or sneakers. Besides, every kind of outwear, from leather jacket to oversize coats or trench-coats will suit a knitwear dress and give you the modest look you need.

For a classical look, you can go for flared cut dress and support its aura with a fancy belt, heeled boots and minimalist jewelry with a clutch bag. This is actually the equation behind wearing a knitwear dress in the modest fashion sense, choose a hovel form and play with the accessories cording to your style.


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