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Isn’t it exciting to take another turn through summer? Don’t you feel the warmth and energy of the summer, thrill of renewed showcases and vivid colors like us? Naturally we are more than thrilled for the new bags and carry the energy of the season. 

Summer 2017 lines (well, resembling to previous seasons) consist of really energetic and colorful when it comes to clothes and accessories. Would you like to take a close look at details of the season’s affordable but chic designs? Get ready to feel sunshine on your purse. Here are joyful and trendy bags of 2017 summer.

Trend Alert: Straw Bags

Think about all window shopping you have done by now in this spring, what is the common item to show up in every store? Straw bags? They are about to be seasons trend, it looks like we will remember 2017 by straw bags and suitable hat. Feel free to use them on the streets not only beaches and try combining with POTİKARELİ pieces or vivid colored clothes to look Instagram worth stylish. We loved straw bags as they instantly add style to casual outfits.


Metal Buckles  
Let’s add a little spice to our summer style; a little chic, some trend and a sprinkle of class using metal buckles on bags. This season every prominent brand released metal buckle bags, especially the big metal ringed ones you can hold in hand with passing through your ankles are really favorite of everyone.


Graphic Patterns
Patterned items were on every showcase of every brand in winter too, so why do we debar ourselves from them for summer? Especially stripped and back tacking patterns are generously used on dresses, shirts, pants and bags.


Three Dimensional Bag Straps
One of the most famous western brands, Fendi changed game designing the “it” bag of the season with flowers on the straps. The fashion world couldn’t resist the appealing flowers and one after another launched colorful bags with three dimensional straps. They are one of the trends street fashion loved, with butterflies and flowers reminded us the eighties.





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