Ways to Utilize Worn-Out Mascara Brushes

A perfect make-up is not so perfect without a mascara as we all know. They enlarge your eyes with one simple touch and ıf you manage to find right product for your eye-shape help to obtain a younger look. And now when you use up all mascara you don’t have to throw the brush away, instead you can utilize them.

Lumping, drying out or expired mascaras shouldn’t be used, so put the box away but clean the brush to re-use.

Tips to Re-Use Mascara Brush

You should take care your eye-brows and eye lashes as much as your skin. So in order to precede nurturing oils like argan or castor oil equally brush mascaras will be useful.

You should comb your brows before plucking or dying them to achieve a decent look. Voila, use your mascara brush.

After using brow coloring try to distribute it with mascara brush to have a natural look

Use Brush for Your Hair

You know irritating to have short hair coming out of a firm ponytail or a bun. Spray a little hair product on a mascara brush and comb little hair through your bun. Little hairs are no longer a problem.

If you prefer to dye your hair at home, you may use brush to apply color hair roots. As they are smaller than usual hair brush, they prevent to contaminate dye to your face or ears.

Lastly, if you think a certain brush is good for your eyelashes you can use them with a new mascara.

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