How to Wear Pencil Skirt

For fashion there only one simple rule that draws the line between looking chic or poorly dressed. The rule is, knowing your body. Even if you wear a Chanel or custom designed haute couture, if it is not right for your body type the outfit will unfortunately fail. Sometimes we imagine a dress but it doesn’t look as good as it was in our mind in the mirror. Black Pencil skirts always carry that risk, you should be very careful about the fabric or the size but more importantly you should consider your body type before purchasing one as they easily reveal any fault on your body.

But still, pencil skirts are irresistible and replaceable for most of the women; they secure your chic style without much effort. But, how to wear a pencil skirt? Here are key points of wearing pencil skirt successfully.

*First step to wear a pencil skirt grabbing all attention to that piece. Thus, when you choose such a tight skirt all other pieces should be minimalist ad plane not exaggerative.

*You may use tube pencil skirts sportive, casual or chic outfits despite we all think it is one of the key pieces of classy look. Shoes are so strong in these combines; they alter your outfit right away. With a basic plane top and stylish sneaker or flat shoes, you may even go to shopping.   Not to mention how chic you may be with a beamy stiletto and silk shirt.

*The fabric of the skirt is crucial. If your skirt is made of elastic fabric, be careful with the size. You will look awesome with one size smaller pencil skirt you bought to look thinner. Remember pencil skirt are ungrateful, they emphases every flaw of your body.

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