Hello everyone. As it is frequently asked on Instagram, I have decided to write on wearing winter skirts right and reveal my whole archive. You can find inspiration to combine skirts with almost 80 street style pictures I posted. Here we go.

Skirts took part in trend setting 2017 winter collections of high-end fashion houses in almost every form, pattern and color cording to the fashion sense of the house. In runway images we’ve seen these skirts with jerseys and sweatshirts.

Especially, Dior fashion show, directed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, pointed out that sweaters are right choice if you desire to use tulle skirt in daily life. (I mean if you are really desperate to use… You can’t take a bus with these of course.)

In Max Mara fashion show; monochrome look obtained by using even colors on skirt and sweat shirt, Jil Sander collection matched multiple skirts with manifold knitwear, blazer and coats. And so, we became ready to make extraordinary street stylings using adopted pieces from runways.

Not everyone have a knack for pulling of a skirt in street style. The reason of looking like out of 2000’s show when you look in the mirror is démodé skirts. Thus, you need to begin with using fashionable form and designs when it comes to skirts.

First choice of skirt stylings should be using a knitwear top. Tight bodies look cheap. You can underline your statement and quality with accessories like rings, watches or bracelets.

Woolen sweaters have ability to adopt runway pieces to street style as they look effortless. Use them leaving over the skirt.

As you can understand from the pictures; with thick boots, sneakers or loafers; you can wear skirt-sweater duple with all. If you are rather young, going school or such, you should prefer sneakers or thick heel boots.

Long sweater or sweatshirt over a skit gives a risky but extraordinary styling. If you are intimated to make your legs shorter, use one color bottom to top. If you need a backing, use high heels.

Placing sweaters totally or partially into the skirt makes your legs longer as the skirt point outs your waist line. You can vary accessory diversity using belts.

Sweatshirts are favorite pieces of street style this winter. You can use sweatshirts to avoid ladylike look with skirt. Especially printed and hooded tops throw a curve.

Sweeping maxi skirts is not good choice for winter street style, so they carry risk to make you look like about attend an evening event. You should choose ankle long skirts and if you are cold, colorful socks are very fashionable this season. You can try midi skirts with thick socks, long boots or easy-to-find sock-boots thanks to Balenciaga.

While matching skirts with shirts or blouses you can use masculine boots or sneakers; depends on ambient. The trick is looking effortless to avoid looking démodé. Actually the last thing you want is looking dressed to the nines; round edge flats shoes and a ladylike purse. Before going out think “are there millions of people with this exact same outfit” and try to make a difference

Leather skirts are hard to combine but when you wear it right you get a rich look. When the material is so high-brow you should balance it with casual sweatshirts.

You can balance femininity if you go for bomber jackets instead of classical ones while wearing a skirt.

If you are not dressing for office or an event I’ll give you the biggest tip: if you have a feminine piece match it with sportswear or masculine one. Like; “I have a pleated skirt. I should combine it with sweatshirt instead of blouse or wear a sneaker instead of classical high heels” would be correct approach.

People used to think “you should wear a short top over a skirt”. Now everyone realized trench-coats or maxi sweaters are perfectly fine. But be careful about your leg-size. If you are not tall enough use a belt to outline your waist. Or, as I said, use heels.

Skirts are strong feminine pieces as they are special to ladies. Thus, you should balance your looks with masculine pieces to have a cool styling.

I have mentioned office stylings as much as street style top but I wanted to sum up here. You shouldn’t prefer crinoline or riding skirts for office. You can think “don’t be ridiculous Sevde, who would come to the office with Disney princess skirt” but you wouldn’t believe. You can match plain cut skirt with oversize masculine blazers. Also trench coats and wraps will be useful. You will have modern look with pointy edge shoes, just a reminder.

You should avoid low-waist skirts as they will make you look shorter. I tried to sum up all important points to look stylish while wearing a skirt with hijab. These pictures are best examples of using skirt in street style. I hope you liked. You can use #birsevdeetek hashtag to share your stylings with me, and I will post them on Instragram.



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