What Have Generation Z Done to the Fashion?

The clothing sector is generally influenced by the time, era and the conditions depending on the sociological and psychological effects. Today we experience the rapid variance of the fashion and that depends on the mass mediums, including social media. As known, generation Z rules the social media and we wonder what have generation Z done to the fashion and how they effected it?

One of the biggest trend establishment, WGSN, forecasted according to trend analyses that changing and developing fashion mediums change the trends. Well, what kind of analyses WGSN does?

The analyses verbalize that Generation Z is an affective thing when it comes to fashion. Probably some of you have heard the term for the first time, well get ready to hear about Gen Z more. Who are they? They are young people who were born between years 1995-2010 and will be the consumers of the near future. The first language they have learnt was a digital one. This generation expresses itself with digital tools, such as photography, and knows how to feature itself. Of course social media helps them to use the tools they know best. There are already academic works about this, and there are researches about Generation Z and how they will wheel the future.

What kind of strategically steps are fashion authorities take to effect this new generation is the future? The variety headline forecasts itself here; they want to reach various items with just one click, not just products but also they want to reach all kind of information and cultural items same way. This means sales through this generation should be rapid and prompt which triggers the “fast fashion” concept. The other item is they question the owner of the brand they are shopping from and also question its attitude about human rights and ideological matters. We can read the quitting genuine fur replacing it with artificial one decision by the prominent brands. What happened to the ladies who were proudly carrying their furs while exiting big night clubs? They were silent during this process.

From now on wheeling the fashion will be this generation’s responsibility. You have to produce in accordance with your target market. Many sector that can’t grasp this change will face with surplus, sale problems and such…

The Gen Z will take the hold of the 2019 summer with bright yellows and its shades. The Amber Grant trend center suggests Gen Z scale for the 2019 season. We will see the effects of the generation more and talk about them in the future. Yes, get ready to see Gen Z yellow already…

Merve Ozbas

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