Which Lipstick is Your Color?

One of the most important steps of a woman’s make-up is no doubt lipstick. The lipstick speaks, speaks for your style and quality, and speaks for your taste. What you should consider while using one?

Look More Energetic: Go for Dark Colors

If you feel tired and exhausted, or going through rough times that makes you feel pale and ill, you should use dark colors on your lips. Here’s a make-up tip; use maroon for lipstick, and use only mascara for your eyes and voila, you have a statement make up and obvious image.

Abide by the Season

If you think lipstick color has nothing to do with season, think again. Just as you can choose color for your mood or trait, you can go for season as well. Thus, in summer you should prefer lighter colors like peach or pink. Winter clothes can lift darker colors and makes your face underlined in gloomy weathers.

Consider Your Skin Color

We keep putting lipstick on according to our mood, character or season but forget the most important criteria, skin color. If you have pale or yellow skin use vivid pinks or reds with quietude. Darker skins look better with natural sand colors and mid-tones.

The Trend of the Season: Bright Red Lipsticks

All hues of the red trend for winter 2018 as always but this season make-up artists interpret them in bright tones. Whatever you wear a bright red lipstick will alter your statement and mode to a stronger one.


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