First thing to keep in mind is over consumption of any food is harmful for the body. Regarding to this information, one or two cups of coffee has various benefits, here are some of them…

Reduction of Cancer Risk

Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day cancer risk reduces at the rate of %13. Individuals consume up to 3 cups of coffee encounter mouth and esophagus cancer %30 less, women come down with less breast and uterus cancer while men contract with less prostate cancer comparing to those drink less. Moreover women who drink 3 cups of coffee have lower skin cancer risk comparing to none-drinkers.

Coffee Effect on Heart Disease

Researches on health care still ongoing but according to recent scientific data there is a link between heart rhythm and caffeine products. Besides, another research shows drinking couple of coffee prevents cardiovascular diseases that causes heart problems. According to various researches women who consume coffee have less cardiovascular problems than who drinks none.

Last Exist Before the Depression

Scientific researches prove that regular coffee consumption can reduce depression risk up to %50, besides consuming low or middle level coffee daily lowers anxiety while rises happiness level remarkably.

Increase on Mental and Physical Performance

Coffee increases dopamine level that is a naturally produced chemical of the body, thanks to caffeine in it. When emotionally and kinetically important dopamine level increased we feel more energetic and our brain works efficiently. We know caffeine increases adrenaline level of the body which means better physical performance. Thanks to decaying oil cells with caffeine mixes into the blood and so to speak body acts like provided gasoline.

Biggest Antioxidant Resource

Caffeine intra coffee is one of the biggest known fat burners. It sends signals to neural system for body to burn fat and that is beneficial to make habit of the body to be ready before the physical activity. Because of this feature athletes try to consume coffee beforehand. Scientific researches show that caffeine bursts metabolism to burn fat between percent3 to %11. Of course if you like to eat dessert with coffee or enjoy creamy coffee it might be hard to see this effect.

Anusha Zubairy


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