Win the Eyebrow Game

Despite it is not obvious to the eye, the most important think to change physiognomy of your face is eye brows. The beauty of your eye brows will define the beauty of your face as it changes the meaning of your face and can deeply change your attractiveness. Sometimes, with nice eye brows you won’t even need make up, your daily routine can be really should. As we care about our looks, we spend real monies on eye plucking and eye brow designers. I bet, some of you have tried the fashionable thickening and duplication implements even for once. Well, do your eye brows really need a change? Which face carries what kind of eye brows? Let’s dig into advises of the beauty editors to win the eye brow game.


First of all, there are two basic rules with eye brows, initially they should completely look natural and they should be done accordingly to your eyes and face. We have –thank god- mostly got rid of the heavy makeup current of the 2016 and now the naturalism is the new beauty. Whatever you do to your face it should look you were born with it.


Square Face

If you have significant and explicit face the perfect eye brows for your face is thin and curved.


Oval Face

Oval shape makes the face look wider. Thus you can have your eyebrows done slightly curved to the sides.


Long Face

If your face long to the chin, the only shape you shouldn’t use is curved eye brows, they make your face longer than it is. You can use any other shapes like thick, thud or plane, you should decide according to your eyes.


Round Face

You may look over-weighted because of your face-shape, the solution is simple: using the right eye brow shape. You can pluck your eye brows without changing the original shape and if you want to add  an impressive look, you can prefer straight shapes.


Tips for Ideal Eye Brows

-of your eyes are pressed you should definitely refer straight or thud shapes.

-Use eye brow pencils and shadows only in special occasions. Otherwise the roots of your eye brows will suffocate and you may lose them.

-If you want to have natural and plump eye brows don’t ever cut them with succors.

-If you are plucking your own eye brows watch over to pluck them after shower. The hair roots would be open thanks to heat and you’ll not suffer.

-If your skin is thin, you should use thick tipped tweezers.

-If your hair roots are rigid and there are ingrown hairs around your eye brows use thin pointed tweezers.

-Permanent make-up, hair techniques or duplications should only be done if you are having serious problems with your eye brows. Remember, the most beautiful shape to suit your face is the natural one.


Eye Brow Thickening Treatment

The most efficient way to do it is garlic. Squeeze a garlic gently that you sliced half and apply it to your eye brows reverse to their growing way. Do it daily for a week.


You can also mix a tea spoon of almond oil, castor oil and coconut oil into a bow. Gently apply them reverse to growing side daily. You can use this as much as you want to.


I wish you all to be well-groomed…

Kubra Umar


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