A World Where Dreams Merges with Nightmares: Gucci Cyborg

The latest and dreadlessly thought long and hard fashion show of all times would be Gucci Cyborg, which is also the most terrifying one. It is some kind of fantasy world in where dreams meet with nightmares… The 2018 Winter\Fall collection that displayed at Milan other night has set the bar high with Alessandro Michele.


Actually everything began with a digital clock in a plastic bag that counts down. When the countdown finished, the show began with the sound of heart monitor. The show area reminded a deserted surgery room from 70’s with pale green and blood red walls.

Baby dragons, human heads that replaced hand bags, third eyes and weird face masks were the most important figures of the Cyborg universe of Gucci.

The sleeping baby dragon was weirdly realistic, with long claws and folded wings the miniature beast looks like fitting in to Khaleesi’s favorite pet. Another spooky side of the show was the realistic human heads which were designed by Rome centered visual effect company Makinarium for 6 months.

The inspiration of Gucci manifest has been French philosopher Michel Foucault. Alessandro Michele began from the bio-politics of Foucault that is based on potency and body politics and showed the borderline examples of unique identities that is independent from social order.

Creating a waiting room and uniting it with a surgery room, Gucci defines the theme of the show: “identity reflects the work of a designer. The act of cutting and sewing materials, uniting and re-creating them is to give them a new identity and personality. The material that used is peculiar to a surgery room and its surroundings: PVC walls, fire stairs, LED lamps and plastic chairs like in a waiting room.

According to Gucci Cyborgs are “figuratively cheered as they are figures to beat the division of identity Cartesian and its act” and yet dreadful.


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