The World Hijab Day

Nazma Khan is a Bangladeshi Muslim woman. She immigrates to the States with her family when she was 11. When she began her education as an only hijabi lady at the school who doesn’t speak English, became an object of derision for her friends, even teachers. She was forced to give up her hijab and was affronted. Despite all the negativity she continued her education and got into collage but 9\11 burst out. After that evil attack, life at USA becomes unbearable for Nazma even more. She survives fighting against all difficulties but never forgets what she has been through and develops a project to raise awareness around the globe.

World Hijab Day aims to raise empathy relationship between women who wears hijab and doesn’t. Besides it sets sight on raise awareness with encouraging women to experience hijab for one day or a week to understand hijabi women and fight against discrimination.

At this point, I believe we should be discussing empowering Muslim women in every aspect of the life. In feminist theory there is a strong opinion about the wholeness of the life. If a Muslim woman has to go out of her depth to speak in her family, how can we expect her to speak about herself and her belief in public? Wearing hijab is a decision. A decision to make every day, every morning you go out, every time you shut the door behind you when you leave the house. Wearing hijab is not easy. Exclaiming you belief every day in a secular life is not easy. With the ISIS and many terrorist groups are slaughtering people every day to feed islamafobia every day, claiming your belief and moreover being have to claim your belief every day is not easy. Let’s all face it; everyone can have suspicious thought about her beliefs, even the prophets. But when you wear hijab, you can’t verbalize those thoughts, even you are mostly forced to ‘defend’ your belief every second. Conclusion; wearing hijab is not easy. And sometimes, ladies with hijab seem to not understand.

Here is what I came up with, let’s celebrate hijab day together. Let’s stop judging each other, with or without hijab, consider how the background of us are different. We all come from different neighborhood and thus don’t have enough courage to speak all the time. Let’s talk for each other as Muslim Ladies. Happy hijab week…


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