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The fashion history has scene nourishing from sub-cultures and created magnificent styles which is still valuable and vibrant today. 

The styles that still inspire nowadays designers didn’t happen easily at that time of course. The style we know as collage which is dominated by sportswear and stripes has formed after World War II. First time in the history youth didn’t want to wear like their parents so young people of the university created the style of their own. The basics of the style is compiled from comfort, freedom and vividness. Later, the style has lengthened through England from collages of USA and inspired from the prep classes of the Ivy League Schools so it was called “preepy”.

Today we can see the style of the famous Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger is dominated by preepy style. While the style is developing rebellious young girls revealed Bobbysoxer style. We are accustomed to vintage photos of young girls out  of campus at the countryside with Peter Pan collar, short-sleeved angora sweaters, plaid skirts at the knee length, short heeled oxford shoes in short socks, stripped blouses and oversize jackets. The aftermath of the war concluded with desire to seaze the moment and feelinf comfortable so that young people fed from the sub cultures and created those cozy styles. Today, we seek  the roots of the geniune thinks in the past as if tired of the currentness and so those styles still live.

The designers are looking to the history and reach through USA and British campuses and adopt the styles to nowadays conditions having an eclectic style. Well, how can we use the collage style with current pieces? Let’s zoom into the style…

Collage Style of the 18’s

No doubt there are few things that give your favorite piece more sportive look: Stripes on skirts, jackets, trench-coats and few pieces that will help you to have younger look like plaid skirts, bomber jackets, blouses, striped maxi dresses, plaid woven dresses and loose hoodies with prints. These would help us to dress with the breathtakingly chic style of the past with cozy wibes. What is better than combining the past with the current lines?

Well, how are we going to wear these collage pieces with? You can match stripped pieces with blazer jackets, jean pants, stilettos and plain colors to have sport-chic combination. If you are seeking for more sportswear, match sneakers or oxford shoes with bomber jackets and so you’ll reflect the collage style best.

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